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Custom Rough & Finish Mowing

Small, medium, and large scale land bush hogging and mowing

Custom Bush Hogging

Clearing medium to large areas of brush and overgrowth using a brush cutter to provide rough cut finish, including annual CRP land mowing.

Pricing: Normal bush hogging rates range between $30 and $60 per acre, depending on the condition of the property ‐ there is a $150 minimum.

Learn the differences between bush hogging & finish mowing by reading our blog post.

Custom Finish Mowing

Utilizing a tractor operated grooming mower, providing a lawn-type finish for medium to large scale fields and areas.

Pricing: Normal finish mowing rates range between $30 and $60 per acre, depending on the condition of the property ‐ there is a $150 minimum. Additional fees if any trimming or grass/debris removal is required.

Right-of-Way Mowing

Clearing and maintaining utility and pipeline right-of-way areas, providing brush cutting, trimming, and general clean-up of areas for inspection and maintenance.

Snow Removal

Augmenting equipment during the winter months to provide snow removal from medium to large sized business parking lots and drives.

Dethatching & Levelling

Looking for a super smooth and clear yard or field? Power raking services can clear the area of debris, and render a smooth and level surface.

Seeding & Renovation

Using a small full-width conservation seeder for renovating pastures and yards, or establishing new areas of grass or food plots.

Ag Services Blog
Bush Hogging vs. Finish Mowing

Bush Hogging vs. Finish Mowing

What are the key differences between bush hogging, and finish mowing? Learn why the limitations of each are important, and how they both can be of benefit.

Wildlife Habitat During Mowing Operations

Wildlife Habitat During Mowing Operations

Considerations for how mowing operations and technique can affect the wildlife habitat, and how to properly be mindful of choosing "when" and "how" to mow.

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