Service Overview

Ag Services & Mowing

Offering custom large scale finish mowing, bush hogging, power raking, and seeding with newer John Deere equipment, including CRP conservation property management.

Hay ProductionNEW

Producing high-quality Kentucky grown alfalfa small square bales of hay for horse or cattle feed, and available nationwide.
Kentucky Proud Member

Software Engineering

Providing enterprise grade custom software and infrastructure engineering, DevOps, and technical project management with keen focus on performance and scalability.

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About Elwoh

Established in 2000 offering software development services

Elwoh Solutions
located in Western Kentucky

Today Elwoh Solutions ("es") operates two broad spectrum service branches – a technology branch providing worldwide software engineering, product development & management services and also a local physical property services branch, offering Ag Services and custom area clearing, mowing & seeding.