Hay Production

Quality Kentucky Grown Alfalfa Hay

Producing Kentucky grown high-quality small square bales of premium alfalfa hay for the equine and dairy cattle markets.

Alfalfa hay is a premium product that is high in protein and mineral content, whilst also proving to be generally more palatable than other types of hay. Widely used as feed for dairy & beef cattle, horses, sheep and other animals -- alfalfa can render excellent quality feed packed full of nutrients and vitamins.

Typically active production and harvest of alfalfa hay will occur every 28-33 days during the late spring, summer, and early fall period in Kentucky. Elwoh Solutions will attempt to cut at the late bloom stage, which will present with the highest yield and quality combination; however, depending on your use case, you may require a higher quality that can be obtained by cutting at an earlier stage, but yielding less -- if this is the case, send a message requesting a custom production cutting with your target RFQ.

University of KentuckyElwoh Solutions works closely with the local University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension[3] agent, agronomist, and forage specialists using their expertise and recommendations to refine the growing, management, and harvesting process to ensure the best possible quality and yield.

Current Local Pricing

This pricing is for local pickup only, and at the current production quality having bales with a target average weight of 70 lbs.

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For more information on quality, pricing, or shipping, send a message.

Terms: By purchasing alfalfa hay from Elwoh Solutions, you must agree to the purchaser, transport & feeding terms agreement, which will be furnished at the time of purchase. No exceptions.

Hay Quality Testing

Quality Analysis Updated 6 June 2019

Click here to view the full analysis report.

Alfalfa Hay Quality Analysis

Each production harvest will include taking various random samples from the hay and sending to the laboratory for quality testing. The results will be published publically on the Elwoh Solutions Blog and provided to all buyers, at no additional cost.

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