Software Engineering

Worldwide software engineering since 2000

Delivering performance demanding enterprise grade software in a cloud deployed solution

Software Engineering

Enterprise grade software engineering focused on today's demand for performance and scalability, operating under Microsoft .NET, specifically C# and utilizing the latest ASP.NET MVC for web deployments.

Product Development

Full life cycle of engineering product development ensures stakeholders, design and engineering teams are aligned to a unified vision.

Cloud DevOps Services

Virtual cloud-based infrastructure management for efficient and scalable IaC (infrastructure-as-code) deployments on Amazon AWS.

Project Management

Consultation and adaptation of agile methodologies combine to offer streamlined and efficient and project management for local or remote engineering teams.

User Interface Design

Efficiently create, integrate, deploy and monitor user interface artifacts to ensure high engagement and optimal user experience.

Database & Caching

High performance database & caching architecture design and integration, means controlled scalability and performance in a highly demanding environment.

About Elwoh

Established in 2000 offering software development services

Elwoh Solutions
located in Western Kentucky

Today Elwoh operates two broad spectrum service branches – a technology branch providing worldwide software engineering, product development & management services and also a local physical property services branch, offering land excavation and custom area clearing & mowing.